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Golf Professional for over 40 years.
Controller of Whaleback Golf Course since it's
opening in 1981.Peter has vast experience in
coaching and clubfitting having helped great golfers
like Roger McKay, Terry Gale, Len Thomas and Glen
Carson. Peter has started hundreds of golfers on
their way to enjoy this great game. In Clubfitting,
Peter is a Master Club Fitter with Henry-Griffitts and
has trained golf pro's in Australia and Asiaon how to
Club Fit. Qualifications include finalist National
Teacher of the Year 2002, Western Australian
Teacher of the Year 2002, AAA Member of the
Australian PGA, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist,
Time Line Therapist, Neuro-Associated
Conditioner and Life Coach.  Peter also does Golf
Swing analysis by video, k-vest and the golf achiever.

I can be contacted on 0419 922 950.


Michael Cahill is an Australian PGA Champion.
Having conquered the Australian PGA tour
and competed in many competitions,
Michael is ready to assist anyone willing to
learn. His 40 years of on course experience
allows him to teach to an internationally professional

Michael currently teaches part-time at Whaleback
and offers private tutoring for all levels of golfers.

Coaching philosophy:
"KISS- Keep it Simple Stupid. I believe the game is not
that complicated. I like to keep the swing simple and
the language easy to understand so you can
improve your game."
He can be contacted on 0419 381 889


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Bio coming soon!








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