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Cause  & Effect

It is very easy to see effects or faults in our swing.

Long lasting change won't occur until we find the cause of the effects and fix the causes.

What is normally happening in swing changes is we are just changing compensation and these might work short term if we are lucky. For long lasting change we have to find the root causes and fix them. The problem with making compensation is it will either cause inconsistencies or injury or both.

The essence of a reliable swing that creates consistent ball flight is balance throughout the swing from set up to finish position.

There are only three sources that affect our ability to make a balanced swinging motion.

What the player believes is the way to swing; 

What the player's body will allow him/her to do; 

What the player's clubs will allow him/her to do. 


Unless all three sources are addressed, then you will never find the cause of your swing faults.

The K-Vest will help you see and feel the faults and compensations that you have in your swing.

It's recommended to achieve the best results for your investment of time  and money in having tuition with the K-Vest that you explore all the  possible causes with your coach.

Discuss your beliefs of what you think you have to do to make a balanced swing and what you currently work on. You can see that technique is called beliefs because they are not necessarily the truth. 

Our physical abilities and disabilities will determine what our body can and cannot achieve. It would be unrealistic to expect to have a good posture for your golf swing if your posture is bad the rest of the day. Remember it is never too late to change and an improvement in posture will help our day to day life as well as our golf swing. 

Our equipment. At least 50% of miss hits could be blamed on having the wrong fitting golf clubs. In most cases changing your clubs to the correct fitting is the easiest and quickest way to create change in your swing and your balance. It is recommended that everyone having invested time and money in a K-Vest lesson must have a fitting. 

The K-Vest will very quickly show you if the length and lie of your clubs is correct and can also help with finding the correct loft and shaft flex that you need to make a balanced swing.

Remember that learning should be fun and with the K-Vest it will be at least 30 times faster.

Enjoy your session.

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